William And Mary Guaranteed Admission Agreement

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Guaranteed admission agreements guarantee your entry to more than 40 Virginia colleges and universities if you meet the requirements of the contract. Just take the required courses, take the notes, complete the transfer process – and you`re there! The college has specific agreements with certain colleges and universities for the benefit of our students. The Virginia Community College System also works diligently on behalf of all students attending one of Virginia`s 23 community colleges, including STC students. Detailed information about the agreement can be found under the following links. We are aware that some students may not meet the requirements set out in the Guaranteed Admission Agreement. You can still be considered for admission – follow the standard application process for transfer students. Students who move from a two-year school with an associate degree and a cumulative GPA above 3.5 are usually competitive applicants. William & Mary is a small liberal arts research college in Williamsburg, Virginia, with nationally ranked bachelor`s, master`s, professional and online programs covering arts and sciences and four schools. In addition to guaranteed admission agreements, TCC has specific transfer agreements with W&M that benefit our students. Detailed information can be found under the following links! Students at VCCS institutions are guaranteed to be admitted to W&M as applicants under this AGM if they meet all of the following conditions: This Agreement will be reviewed every three years, but will remain in effect until terminated by either party upon written notice to the other party. Such notification must be made at least sixty days before the anniversary of the signature. Students who have entered into the Agreement may use the Terms for two years after the termination becomes effective.

The “Course Equivalents” document on the W&M Admissions website (www.wm.edu/admission/transfer), which also addresses general training requirements at W&M, is updated when the w&M program is changed and when courses in the VCCS master course file are added or removed without running a new GAA. VCCS courses can be used to meet important requirements if they have W&M equivalents, as outlined in the “Course Equivalents” document on the W&M Admissions website (www.wm.edu/admission/transfer). Courses that receive academic credits but are called “choice” cannot be used to meet important requirements. .

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