Vuw Academic Staff Collective Agreement

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By joining the university community, you will participate in an organization dedicated to strengthening New Zealand`s position in the global knowledge economy. Our commitment to the creation and dissemination of knowledge and the development of graduates that will shape and guide the future of our country is supported by the excellence of our academic and general staff. The objective of this policy is to define the rules for student leave pay. PDF As a collaborator at Victoria University in Wellington, you can enjoy many benefits for staff, including discounts from a number of suppliers. A Southern Cross Group Scheme is available to all permanent employees. The purpose of these guidelines is to provide executives and staff with information and advice that enables justice and diversity at the university. As of March 2014View PDF The majority of permanent employees are employed under collective agreements. The university strives to work closely with union representatives from the Tertiary Education Union (EVP), the Public Sector Association (PSA) and other unions. It negotiates the terms of employment each year. Staff information procedure on leave and sick leave to confirm the university`s systems and procedures for managing these types of leave. View PDF This directive is a university directive that applies to all permanent employees and people on fixed-term contracts of more than 12 months.

See pdf The university believes in excellence in all areas of our organization. One of the most prestigious and prestigious ways to do this is the annual Awards of Excellence. The awards include categories for teaching, research, engagement, justice and diversity, professional staff and health and safety. This directive contains protocols for a safe and healthy environment for all staff and students who participate in off-campus activities. From: August 2009PDF See this policy confirms the commitment of Victoria University in Wellington to provide employees, students and visitors with a safe and healthy environment. From: April 2016PDF See PDF The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is available to permanent employees who have personal problems that could interfere with their work. This confidential professional assistance program is provided free of charge by the university. This policy sets out the principles and requirements of consultation processes for changes, strategic planning and personnel policy. From: February 2013PDFVisable PDF This procedure defines the criteria and procedure for making travel insurance available to staff, students and other authorized persons. PDF documents on academic rules governing admission, enrolment, graduation, teaching and learning, postgraduate studies and changes to courses and curricula are included in the Student and Study Policy section.

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