Fsu Care Participation Agreement

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This is a deal basically take to C.A.R.E and you get to Florida State

I asked for the care program, but the fact is that my mom doesn`t get her tax return at the janurary end. Will this have an impact on my acceptance?

Programming and support for students who were once in care, community care, homelessness or the state status station. Students will continue to participate with CARE throughout their entry into the FSU. CARE staff will continue to assist and use BPS participants when needed while they complete their bachelor`s degree. The CARE office is available as a replacement for many students who leave their homes and become independent for the first time in their lives. — Contact the university department directly if you want to have a centre of gravity in dance, film (animation or production), music or theatre. The Florida State University Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement (CARE) offers programs of preparation, orientation and academic support to students who are among the first in their family to attend university and who may face exceptional challenges at the university level due to their educational or economic conditions. Students are exposed to the rich cultural diversity that characterizes the university community, which implies an introduction to a multitude of social opportunities, services and leadership on campus and in the local community. After the summer semester, you will stay in CARE and FSU and participate in a multitude of activities and programs to promote your academic commitment and advancement until the end of the university. Congratulations on your acceptance to Florida State University and the Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement (CARE). As a CARE student, you will be visiting the FSU starting in the summer of 2020 as part of the seven-week Summer Bridge Program.

During this time, you will live in a residence on campus with CARE staff and ambassadors and you will carry out a multitude of activities that will help you become FSU Seminole! We promise you an excellent learning environment and an unforgettable university experience. The CARE Summer Bridge Program (SBP) offers a comprehensive program that aims to facilitate the transition from high school to university while developing a strong academic base. The candidates selected to participate in the SBP will be first-generation students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds who have demonstrated a strong desire for success.

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