Cardworks Ally Merger Agreement

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Section 14.09 Changes. Transaction agreements (including all exposures and schedules) may be amended, amended, supplemented or amended in one way or another, and any provision can only be repealed by a written agreement explicitly referring to the applicable transaction agreement, which must be amended, amended, modified or otherwise amended or adopted in accordance with the provision, in any case duly executed by each party in this transaction agreement. Section 13.02 Shareholder Deposit Account. After closing, the parent, pursuant to Section 13.01 (a) and Section 3.03 (c) (ii) ii), pays the shareholder representative, by transfer of funds immediately available, the representative amount (and the account on which it is held, the shareholder storage account) used for the direct payment or reimbursement of the shareholders` representative for losses or other expenses of third parties , in accordance with transaction agreements and all complementary agreements, including the Shareholder Engagement Agreement. Shareholders do not receive interest or profits on the representative amount and irrevocably transfer and transfer to the shareholders` representative any property rights they would otherwise have had on such interest or income. The shareholder representative holds these funds separately from his corporate funds, does not use these funds for operating expenses or other commercial purposes, and does not voluntarily make them available to his creditors in the event of bankruptcy. The shareholder representative does not act as a withholding agent or similarly with respect to the representative amount and has no obligations to report taxes or share income. The shareholder representative does not provide supervision, recommendation or advice and assumes no responsibility for the loss of the principal of the representative amount, except because of gross negligence or gross misconduct. Subject to the agreement of the advisory group, the shareholder representative may contribute to the representative amount of funds from any other shareholder-attributable means of reference. As soon as possible after the responsibilities of the shareholders` representatives have been fulfilled, the shareholder representative will pass on the remaining balance of the representative amount to the trust agent and payment agents for subsequent distribution to the shareholders. The companies “believe it is in the best interests of our customers and stakeholders to terminate the contract,” Ally CEO Jeffrey Brown said in the press release. The final provision is the earlier conclusion of a written agreement fully executed and delivered by the representative of the mother and representative or a violation or non-execution by the parent of any of the agreements contained in this agreement or in a higher trade agreement; or (a) administrative documents. The certificate of incorporation and the act constituting the Sub II merger, which is in effect immediately before the post-effect period, is the certificate of incorporation and the limited liability partnership agreement until it is further amended in accordance with the DLLCA; if Delaware`s second Concentration Control Certificate may provide for the modification of Merger Sub II`s certificate of creation to change the name of the Sub II merger to the names defined by the parent company.

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