Transfer By Agreement Form Des 2018

December 19, 2020

(3) The right to recite and the right to representation include the right to make speeches and performances visible to the public through a screen, speaker or similar technical devices outside the space where the personal performance takes place. to the extent that the agreement contains essential acts of exploitation in the territory to which this Law applies. (4) The author has no right under paragraph 1 if the remuneration has been set by a common compensation contract (section 36) or in a collective agreement and expressly provides for a fairer participation in the cases covered by paragraph 1. Paragraph 32, paragraph 2 bis, applies. (2) The author may request this information from the operator of a device located in an establishment within the meaning of Article 54 quater, paragraph 1, as is necessary to assess remuneration. (1) Schools, educational and training institutions may make individual copies of works for use in the context of a school transmission by transferring the works to video or sound media. The same applies to youth aid institutions and archives of images of the state or similar public institutions. 3. The performer may not waive the right to remuneration within the meaning of paragraph 1.

The right to remuneration can only be invoked by a collective management company. It can only be allocated in advance to a collective management company. (3) The author must appropriately compensate the holder of the right to use. Compensation must at least cover the costs incurred by the user holder until the declaration of revocation; However, the costs of the work already done are not taken into account. The revocation will only take effect when the author has reimbursed the fees or provided a guarantee. The user rights holder informs the author of the amount of the fee within three months of the declaration of revocation; if it does not fulfil this obligation, the revocation will come into effect at the end of that period. The capital gains tax return (FICHE NO 1706) must be submitted and paid within 30 days of the sale, exchange or transfer of real estate, with each authorized agent bank (AAB) or Revenue District Office (RDO) Revenue Collection Officer (RCO) responsible for the location of the transferred property. 1. Where the performer has granted or transferred rights to his performance to a manufacturer of a phonogram in exchange for payment of a single fee, the manufacturer of the phonogram pays an additional remuneration equal to 20% of the income from the reproduction, sale and sale of the phonogram containing the delivery by the producer of the phonogram.

If a phonogram contains the recording of performances by several performers, the total remuneration is also 20% of the income. Revenues are the revenue of the phonogram producer minus expenses. 3.For his own personal data on current affairs, when the work was broadcast, (2) The performer has the exclusive right to reproduce and broadcast the video or phonogram on which his performance was fixed. Section 27 applies. The European Commission may decide that standard contractual clauses provide sufficient data protection guarantees so that data can be transferred internationally. 2. For the purposes of this Act, technical measures are technologies, devices and components intended, in normal operation, to prevent or limit acts relating to protected works or other means of protection protected by this Law that are not authorized by the right holder. Technological measures are considered effective when the use of a protected work or other object protected under this Act is controlled by the right holder by the application of an access control, a protection procedure such as encryption, encryption or other transformation, or a copy control mechanism that achieves the protection objective.