General Tenancy Agreement Qld Information Statement

April 9, 2021

If you rent in public housing, the law may or may not apply to you. You can find information about your legal status and advice on dispute resolution or the end of rental cases in our fact sheets on the sharing of information sheets. Rental bonds are often a major problem for tenants, especially at the end of a tenancy agreement, when the loan has to be repaid. For more information, see Rental Bonds Tenancy Facts. During the agreed option period, you must notify the lessor or agent whether or not you wish to pursue the lease. If you decide to continue the lease, the lessor or agent must take all reasonable steps to conclude the contract and your stock deposit must be used for rent or borrowing. The law is still in force. All the specific conditions of an agreement contrary to the law are null and void and cannot be applied. It is a crime for any person to enter into an agreement with the intention of avoiding the law. If they do, they could be fined. Accommodation in rooms: Accommodation can be periodic or temporary.

The law contains provisions that apply to room accommodation. Accommodation refers to premises where residents rent a room and share common facilities. As a tenant or resident, you can pay a service fee. All service charges you must pay to the lessor or supplier must be specified in your contract. All agreements must contain standard terms such as the name and contact information for each party, the address of the premises, how much rent you pay and all the terms of the contract. Your landlord or supplier must not include additional terms or clauses in the agreement that are contrary to what is enshrined in the law. The owner, agent or supplier can decide whether or not to offer you the lease. If your rental application is not accepted, the owner, agent or supplier will not have to give them a reason. However, it is always a good idea to ask why your application was rejected so that you can try to avoid it again. In Queensland, the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) is the government authority that oversees the law and holds all lease obligations.

The RTA provides information and rental forms and publications for tenants, landlords, brokers, occupants and suppliers. The lessor, representative or supplier must not include in your contract a clause requiring the purchase of goods or services from a particular supplier, z.B of a designated carpet cleaning company. This is a misdemeanor and may result in a fine. It is an offence if the lessor, representative or supplier does not give you a written agreement or give you a copy of the agreement signed by both parties.