Bell Clerical Collective Agreement

April 8, 2021

Stay in touch! Subscribe to UniLINK, Unifor`s national newsletter, for union updates and calls to action. with feedback on how the union can communicate during negotiations. Unifor members of Bell Canada`s clerical unit distributed leaflets in both provinces and held a solidarity rally for the first day of the hearing on Tuesday, October 3. Tuesday, December 19, wear red! Join us once again. Together, we can show our collective strength. Watch and share this video clip on Facebook or YouTube to show your friends that Bell Canada needs to stop the erosion of good jobs. You can also read the latest rate update under To view photos of Bell It`s Time actions and workspace meetings, please visit the Unifor social media account. Go and see If you have a photo that is not shown, please send it. Email your photos, including selfies, to

However, over the past decade, office workers have experienced a concerted workforce reduction strategy, resulting in the loss of thousands of unionized jobs. The new collective agreement provides for wage increases, protection from erosion and outsourcing, and adds more than 600 jobs to the collective agreement unit. Over the past decade, employees have witnessed a concerted strategy to reduce staffing levels, resulting in the loss of more than half of the jobs in the collective agreement unit. Unifor members have also had access to paid leave for domestic violence, and 10 female lawyers, union members trained to help and assist people facing sexual and gender-based violence, are being created. With your passion and solidarity, we have made great strides in negotiations during the week of December 11, including paid leave for domestic violence, major improvements to the profile system and the language of initiatives under the collective mental health agreement. As Bell continues to address the real changes that office workers are demanding, you have shown that this bargaining unit will not allow the company to continue to erode and eliminate our jobs. Toronto – The Unifor union, which represents nearly 5,000 office workers at Bell Canada in Ontario and Quebec, has reached a preliminary agreement. The new agreement is the first contract for about 300 Bell ExpressVu LP members who successfully organized their jobs in 2016 to join Unifor. Watch the latest negotiation update on and share Unifor`s videos and material. To view photos of Bell It`s Time actions and workspace meetings, please visit the Unifor social media account.

Go and see If you have a photo that doesn`t appear in this email, please send it. Send your photos, including selfies, by email to Bell Clerics are represented in Quebec by Unifor Locals 6000, 6001, 6002 and 6003 and in Ontario by Unifor Locals 6004, 6005, 6006, 6007, 6008 and 37. All Aboriginal people were represented in the round of negotiations. Bell`s clerks have built the country`s largest telecommunications company and keep bell customers behind the scenes. They work hard and deserve job security and fair wages. This was the first round of negotiations between the thought workers represented by the union and Bell Canada since Unifor was established in 2013. The interim agreement is recommended by the negotiating team for adoption.

With an interim agreement between the union and the employer, Unifor members now have the opportunity to vote on the terms of the contract.