Amazon Web Service Agreement

April 8, 2021

70.2. AWS charges a service fee for transactions between you and suppliers in the AWS IQ market. AWS only collects these service charges if you and a provider pay through the AWS IQ marketplace and receive payments. Therefore, for 24 months from the date you identify a provider via AWS IQ, you agree to use AWS IQ as your exclusive method to pay for vendor services. To avoid any doubt, if you have not identified a vendor using AWS IQ, z.B. if you worked with a provider before you logined to that provider on AWS IQ, this section does not apply. 26.8. Microsoft BYOL license. This option allows you to use Amazon WorkSpaces to provide workspaces using your Microsoft software and Microsoft licenses (the “WorkSpaces BYOL” program). You must have the right to use the WorkSpaces BYOL program for Microsoft software corresponding to your (s) agreement (s) with Microsoft. You are solely responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and complying with all Microsoft licensing requirements, including user rights/product conditions.

In addition, you must have accepted Microsoft`s End User Licensing Agreement (Microsoft EULA), and by using Microsoft Software as part of the WorkSpaces BYOL program, you agree with Microsoft EULA. You agree to have found that your use of BYOL workspaces complies with Microsoft licensing requirements. The use of the Services in violation of your agreement with Microsoft is not authorized or authorized. (c) you are not entitled to service credits under the service level agreements for a period of suspension; and any additional support from us after the end requires mutual agreement by you and us. 53.6. Amazon Chime, including Voice Connector and business call functions, is not a traditional phone service or a replacement for conventional phone services. Amazon Chime does not provide emergency calls to emergency services personnel or public safety responses (“emergency services”) such as 911, may not know the physical location of end-users, and cannot be used for calls if the end user experiences a power outage, cannot access the Internet, or if their device has no electricity. You are solely responsible for any agreement with third parties to allow your end users access to emergency services, and AWS takes no guarantees regarding the use of such agreements with Amazon Chime.