What Are The Requirements Of A Valid Acceptance In An Agreement

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5. Acceptance must be expressed in the same usual or reasonable manner:-§ 7(2). Hold: The parties were bound by their provisional contract until they mutually agreed to enter into another contract to replace it. Paragraph 5 of the Contracts Act provides that an acceptance may be revoked at any time before becoming aware of the applicant`s acceptance, but not thereafter. An exception is the postal acceptance rule, which applies in scenarios where postal acceptance is an accepted form of acceptance between the parties. The postal acceptance rule states that acceptance takes place when the letter of acceptance is published, rather than when the letter is received by the supplier. Below is a checklist of the requirements for a valid agreement between the contracting parties. Hold: The assumption took effect when the telex message was printed on the supplier`s terminal in London. The following scenario illustrates how silence is not considered an acceptance of an offer: it is another important legal rule that assumes that when no mode is prescribed, acceptance must be done in a habitual and appropriate manner. In such cases, the postal rate is considered very reasonable. Branca v Cobarro: A seller agreed to sell a mushroom farm under a contract that ended: “This is a preliminary agreement until a fully legalized agreement is signed, created by a lawyer and containing all the conditions mentioned here.”  1.

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