Vtct Centre Agreement

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to inform the third parties concerned (for example. B promotional agencies) of VTCT`s findings if they are required to take appropriate action with respect to the Centre; intentional falsification, fabrication or falsification of evidence of evaluation, recordings or authentication statements by centres or learners; Intentional failure to comply with accreditation and/or qualification requirements or measures assigned to the Centre within the specified time frame; The name of the centre and the contact information of the person transmitting the notification; The learner`s name and registration number (if any); Name (s) and role (s) of the staff of the central/contracting organization involved in the case; Qualifications or services involved; The type of alleged or actual misconduct or misconduct in the administrative activity and related data; Details and results of an initial investigation by the Centre or anyone else involved in the case, including potential mitigating circumstances; A statement of self-interest by the person making the statement. failure to follow and/or notify VTCT of its own policy of misconduct and maladministration in the administration of a centre; Misuse of the VTCT or ITEC logo and trademarks or misrepresenting a centre`s relationship with VTCT or ITEC and/or its recognition and accreditation status with respect to VTCT or ITEC qualifications. VTCT may take legal action if the centres do not cooperate with the appropriate VTC applications; The down payments are not refundable. It is only after the payment and the full payment or signed payment agreement are received that course support and teaching materials are provided. Persistent cases of maladministration within a centre; deliberate violation by a centre and/or its learners of the VTCT and ITEC qualification assessment systems; Conducted related follow-up studies when VTCT suspects that the problem may be more widespread in the centre and/or that it exists in other centres. – The applicant must be a British organisation whose administration, operations and benefits are all centred in the United Kingdom. – Funding provided by other agencies is, where possible, encouraged. – The VTCT Foundation does not work on projects that have commercial interests.- All grants granted can only be used for agreed-upon purposes.- Candidates must not only provide an overview of the proposed study or project, its purpose, timing and costs, but also a clear indication of its value and how their results can be assessed.

make additional/enhanced visits to a centre to ensure a higher level of assistance and/or supervision; not allow certain Staff of the Centre to be involved in the provision or evaluation of VTCT and ITEC qualifications (for example. B invigilation); Anyone can identify a case that they believe could constitute misconduct or maladministration. It is usually an employee of the centre, a learner, a contractor (for example. B moderator) or an external agency (for example. B the Agency for the Financing of Education and Qualifications). Any fault is the term used for any act, activity, negligence, delay or other practice that is deliberately contrary to regulation and which impairs the integrity of the internal or external assessment process, the validity of the results and/or certificates, or the reputation and credibility of the ESA. The mistakes committed have serious consequences for the centre and the learners and are always taken very seriously by ESA. Faults may include a number of problems ranging from the deliberate failure to hold records or systems appropriate to intentional falsification of records.

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