The British Board Of Agreement

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BBA`s Board of Directors is made up of executive and non-executive directors. Non-executive directors come from the UK construction industry. The British Board Agreement (BBA) reviews, evaluates and certifies products for the construction industry to ensure product acceptance and ensure their safe and efficient use. Evaluation themes are generally new or innovative products; Existing products can, for example, be evaluated based on changes to building rules. Here you will find brief information on the certificates issued; in any event, the BBA must ensure compliance with the relevant requirements of the 1985 building rules (England and Wales), the construction standards (Scotland) 1981-1984 and the 1977 Building Code (Northern Ireland) (as amended) in the certificate, as well as technical specifications and conditions of use. It is advisable to check whether the quotas have not been withdrawn or replaced by a subsequent issue, either by referring to the index of current BBA publications or by contacting the Board of Directors directly (phone number 01923 662900). The address of the map is PO Box 195, Bucknalls Lane, Garston, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD2 7NG. Tel: (0) 1923 670844; Fax: (0) 1923 662133. 10/4725 LAFARGE GTEC AUABOARD SYSTEMS – Lafarge Plaster plates The British Board of Accreditation (BBA) is an independent Uk organisation that provides an amenity service for products, systems and installers.

They are the UK`s most important authority to reassure consumers and achieve this through certificates of accreditation. After a thorough evaluation, including laboratory tests and inspections, a certificate of approval for a successful product or system is issued. In addition, the manufacturer is reviewed to ensure that it has an appropriate quality management system. Repeated tests are carried out during the validity of the certificate. As mentioned above, we believe it is extremely important to purchase and use only accredited and licensed construction and insulation products. BBA ensures that accreditation is only granted for products that have strict sets of laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, production inspections and correct audits that ensure the application of an appropriate quality management system. The product is monitored regularly twice a year and is reviewed generally every three years to ensure that best practices continue to be followed in the years to come. To obtain product certification, a product is tested using certain standards or other documents. . Production control ensures that manufacturers continue to manufacture products that meet a technical specification. The BBA employs approximately 185 people, most of whom are located in its offices and test facilities near Watford, and the rest are inspectors located geographically throughout Britain who have access to BBA`s electronic systems so that they can work remotely. [2] 10/4730 NATUREPRO SHEEPSWOOL NATURAL INSULATION – SIG PLC The BBA has the following combination of UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accreditations: the BBA is accredited by UKAS to provide environmental certification for the ISO 14000 series and performs appropriate internal controls.

[2] Available test performance includes durability tests of different materials, systems and areas such as windows and doors, roof structures, coatings, thermal insulation, tubes, coatings, etc.

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