Share Purchase Agreement Sample Philippines

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(A) Purchase by Corporation. Within 30 days of receiving the notification, the company may choose the acquisition of the shares of the shareholder giving in at the price indicated in the notice of market and the terms specified in the notice of the contract or the company`s choice at the price and conditions specified in paragraph 1.4. The ceding shareholder renounces to take part in a decision of the company to exercise or not exercise the purchase options provided in this regard, except that the seller, on the instruction of the holders of the sammond majority, in the interest of the outstanding shares which are not held by the assigning shareholder, whereas agreed to the purchase , and the purchase accepted by the seller , the subject`s shares to acquire and acquire under the conditions provided for in this regard; 1.3 Death or dissolution of a shareholder. In the event of the death or dissolution of a shareholder, the will representative or staff or the partner of the deceased or dissolved shareholder, and the company buys all the shares which are then held by the deceased or dissolved shareholder, at the price and conditions set out in paragraph 1.4 of this Agreement. However, the company may, at its choice, cede to the surviving shareholders the right to acquire these shares on the basis of their respective ownership of shares in the company. There are a few reasons to create a share purchase agreement: there is no scenario in which the sale of shares would be wise without this agreement. If you need legal documentation that proves and registers ownership of a certain number of shares in a company, download a full share certificate form. This conciliation agreement is mandatory for heirs or successors as well as for the beneficiaries of the transfer and for any agent, recipient or executor of each party`s will. All direct costs of the arbitration process, including arbitrators` fees and fees and translation fees, are borne equally by the parties; other costs, including the fees of lawyers and witnesses, are borne by the party who bears the burden. Arbitrators are not entitled to waive, amend, amend, revoke or suspend the provisions of this agreement. An arbitral award of arbitrators is final and binding for the parties and is not the subject of any other appeal, and a decision upholding the award or judgment after the arbitration award may be referred or enforced by any competent court. (b) purchase by shareholders.

In the event that the company agrees either not to exercise the above option or to allow the time limit for the exercise of the option to pass, the other shareholders have an additional period of sixty (60) days, from the end of the period covered at point a), during which all shares of the ceding shareholder must be purchased at the price and conditions specified in the notice of market. , or, depending on their choice, the price and conditions set out in paragraph 1.4. All shareholders thus elected provide the president of the company with a written notice in which shareholders who plan to acquire these shares and the number of shares exceeding the number of shares to be transferred by the surrendered shareholder are allocated in any way that the acquiring shareholder can consent; However, if they do not agree, the shares are allocated, so that each acquiring shareholder buys the fraction of the shares to be transferred, which is the fraction of the total number of outstanding shares of the acquiring shareholder (the amount of the pro rata).

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