Philippine Leader Terminates Troop Agreement With U.s

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MANILA, March 1 (Xinhua) — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has not authorized new negotiations to forge a new military pact that will replace the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with the United States, President Salvador Panelo`s spokesman said Sunday. The trade duter, which has clashed with the United States on several issues, has decided to unplug the troop rotation pact with the former colonizer to allow the Philippines to forge more independent relations with other countries, said its spokesman Salvadoro Panel. The two countries signed the VFA, the common Philippine-U.S. in 1998. Military operations. The Philippine Senate ratified the agreement in 1999, seven years after the last U.S. base in the Philippines was closed. Are the consequences serious? How, what have U.S. forces in the Philippines done under this agreement? Yes, that`s right. But what you have now is the culmination of Duterte`s chronic lament about what he says is a disrespectful U.S. He threatened to denounce the deal after Washington allegedly denied its former national police chief a visa to the United States. Today, the same police chief also imposed Duterte`s bloody war on drugs when he began in 2016.

Thousands of drug addicts, most of them poor, have been killed. The Obama administration was concerned and said so. The Duterte administration was moved by this, and Now Duterte thinks it happens over and over again. So the end of this agreement, which allows American troops to be here easily, is another way of saying that they are interfering in my country and that you are not welcome here. The Philippine government has officially informed the United States. This ends a two-decade-old agreement on visiting troops, which allows the U.S. military to operate on Philippine soil. The communication, sent today to the U.S. Embassy in Manila, ended weeks of speculation about whether President Rodrigo Duterte would follow his threat. The value that the United States brings to the fight against the Islamist militia certainly deserves to be reviewed.

But the prospect of less Western surveillance and training for the Philippines in this complex and often exotic conflict is also worrying. Duterte also rejected an invitation from President Donald Trump to a special meeting that the U.S. leader will hold in March in Las Vegas for the heads of state and government of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, said President Salvador Panelo`s spokesman. The Philippines is a founding member of the 10-nation regional bloc. In addition to threatening to overthrow the VFA, Duterte said, without elaborating, that he would ban some U.S. senators from entering the Philippines. He was apparently referring to U.S. senators who tried to ban unspecified Filipino officials from entering the United States because they played a role in the prosecution of Sen.

Leila de Lima, a vocal critic of Duterte`s deadly campaign against illicit drugs. It`s actually a real signal. This is a significant change. Duterte has made it clear that he intends to turn away from his traditional ally, the United States, and turn to China. He says they will help us without questioning our internal affairs. He calls China a friend, the emerging regional power – what it is. And Duterte seems comfortable with the Philippines in a Chinese regional order. Sen. Panfilo Lacson said the Supreme Court should soon respond to a petition asking whether Senate approval is needed before the executive can denounce a bilateral agreement or treaty that senators had ratified. The Philippine Senate ratified the VFA after much debate. Defence relations between the Philippines and their former colonizer date back to the early 1950s and are governed by a mutual defense treaty (MTD) that remains intact, along with a strengthened defence cooperation agreement concluded under the Obama administration.

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