How To Negotiate Oracle Software License Agreement

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I have spoken to hundreds of sourcing professionals and sellers about Oracle`s negotiations and contracts. The number one mistake that the pros make when it comes to negotiating with Oracle. Is it assumed that Oracle`s standard licensing agreement is a “playground” in negotiations with Oracle? We can help you manage and negotiate your Oracle contracts. Recommendations at the next step (negotiate, renew, certify or terminate) The more contracts you have seen, the better you have an idea of the right price and contractual terms that can be negotiated/requested. If you`ve only seen one or two enterprise contracts, you have a small dataset to compare. This excellent article explains it much better than I can. The sooner you start this process, the better. And as in many things, negotiating with Oracle can put you in a stronger position if you get help from someone experienced. Oracle`s relational approach is frankly a bit promiscuous. Its licensing conditions are rather loose. This is no coincidence.

Oracle wants you to use his things on a large scale. They want you to be able to deny yourself. And you will be because their products are very good. You want to use these things. They sign up here – customers often charge or renegotiate their terms with Oracle, which gives even more leverage to an already unfair advantage. Our legal experts review every change to the contract, as Oracle often takes the opportunity to cancel what customers have already negotiated. Recommended Reading: Oracle`s New Conditions Buyers Are Monitoring More Information on How Palisade Compliance Can Help Your Business Negotiate the Best Deal with Oracle, Please contact us. If you look at the road, you realize that there are many ways to increase your Oracle license liability without knowing it. Even if you have control, seemingly insignificant decisions can have dramatic consequences to increase your Oracle license liability. If you would like to learn more about Oracle Unlimited License Agreements, I recommend you read “21-must-ask-questions on Oracle ULA agreement” and the article “How to master your Oracle Unlimited License Agreement.” Another article helps you reduce Oracle`s support costs, and it`s called “22-must-ask-questions, how you can reduce Oracle`s support costs” This article contradicts everything you learned in the trading school. Our advice is to go first in the discussions about prices.

Instead of letting oracle go first and trying to negotiate down, you should offer a price that you are willing to pay for software or cloud services, and force Oracle to negotiate from there.

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