A Deferred Prosecution Agreement Is Used To Encourage

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5.73 The Panel recommends that, barring exceptional circumstances, deferred prosecution agreements be published, as well as details of how a company complied with the terms and any violations, modifications or terminations. The Crown must ask the Crown Court to find that the CCA is in the interests of justice and that the conditions are fair and proportionate. If the Court decides to authorize the Dpa, this authorization is granted by an open court. This procedure allows the Court to determine whether a Dpa is in the public interest and also to examine the terms contained in the data protection authority. Therefore, there is only so much security for a company that has agreed a CCA with a prosecutor, since the conditions inside it can be changed or rejected by the Court of Justice during the audit. These provisions subsequently led to some political controversy. SNC-Lavalin, a major Canadian engineering firm, faces criminal charges under the Criminal Code and the Corruption of Foreign Officials Act relating to its business dealings in Libya, and was one of the first companies to seek a deferred prosecution agreement. The Canadian Crown denied this request, finding that SNC-Lavlin did not meet the conditions of Part XXII.1. Allegations have been made that members of the Trudeau government improperly pressured then-Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould to authorize a deferred prosecution agreement for SNC-Lavalin. Following an investigation by the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner (CIEC), the Commissioner released his report on August 14, 2019 and stated that Prime Minister Trudeau had violated the Conflict of Interest Act by seeking to directly and indirectly influence Wilson-Raybould. [1] In July 2017, Transparency International Canada, the Canadian arm of a global anti-corruption non-governmental coalition, released a detailed report on the adjourned prosecutions.

The report examined deferred prosecution laws in several other countries and examined the arguments for and against deferred prosecutions. The report concluded: “Overall, we call on the Government of Canada to consider a properly designed DPA mechanism to improve enforcement and compliance with anti-corruption legislation.” [13]:2 The report on the public consultation procedure was published on 22 February 2018.

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