Translation Agreement Services

Posted on October 12, 2021

Our translation services can help you expand into new international markets. 4.3 Translators assume legal and professional liability for damages and/or financial loss/damage resulting from errors or omissions in translations, transcriptions, editions or corrections made via the LINGFY online platform. 7. Ownership and copyright: upon full payment by the customer, the translation rights of the agreed objects are transferred to the customer`s property. The translator retains and reserves the copyright in the translation until full payment for his services is made. The client acquires translation rights of material prior to the publication or use of the translation. The translator is not obliged to take any measures to protect the copyright, trademarks or other rights of the client with regard to the translation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the translator has the right to keep, subject to the provisions of paragraph 6 above, copies of the file of the articles to be translated and the translation. 1.5 Translators must provide services in two categories of quality: standard and expert. Standard quality services are translation, reading and transcription suitable for everyday use, such as emails, product descriptions, blog posts, etc. Translators with more than two (2) years of professional experience can apply on their profile page on the site to provide quality expert services divided into the following categories: accuracy, accurate business terminology and legal expertise: Key factors for high-quality contract translations. In addition to the specific terminology of each contract, the translation process must also take into account the local culture and legal guidelines of the new market. That`s why we only use native translators with a strong legal background, i.e.

with sophisticated expertise and in-depth legal knowledge. Our satisfied customers include Clyde & Co, Eversheds, Field Fisher Waterhouse, Hill Dickinson, Holman Fenwick Willan, Olswang and Taylor Wessing. In Absolute Translations, we take privacy issues very seriously, so all our translators are bound by a confidentiality agreement that guarantees you security. Before using the contract package, I often forgot to include in my agreements with clients elements that caused frustration, usually on my side. This contract package has allowed me to review my client documents consistently and help me be more proactive and helpful to my clients by covering all the bases I need to cover. » 3.1 Translators undertake to process all information, including customer data, sources, content, source files, prices, all agreed conditions and the translation itself, during and after the end of the translation project. 5.2 The allowance is available after the translators have uploaded to their personal account an invoice containing their tax identification and social security number describing the services provided. Translators can only withdraw money if they have a balance of at least 10 (10) euros or the equivalent of another currency and if the payment is only made by PayPal, so translators must ensure that they log in with the same email address as their PayPal account. For Espresso Translations, our understanding of the complexity of international agreements and negotiations means that we are able to offer contractual language services adapted to many different sectors, transactions and agreements, no matter how small, complex or lengthy they may be. If you are buying real estate abroad, a complete and idiomatic translation of the original document means that you know exactly what you are agreeing with, as well as any restrictions or restrictions that you may not be aware of.. .


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