Technology And Innovation Agreements

Posted on October 10, 2021

CONSIDERING the importance of science, technology, and innovation in their economic and social development, In February 2020, Amazon Web Services signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Greece to promote innovation across the economy by cooperating in the areas of digital governance, digital infrastructure, and cloud skills training. This ATS paves the way for closer scientific and technological relations between the United States and Greece and will create opportunities to counter potential malicious influences in the Greek science and technology sector. Science and technology engagement in Greece supports a strong bilateral relationship with an EU partner and a NATO ally, ensures U.S. access to international expertise and institutions, and helps our two countries compete with malicious influences in the eastern Mediterranean. CONSIDERING that Canada and Brazil are currently conducting research and development activities in a number of areas of common interest and that participation in research, development and innovation activities, on the basis of reciprocity, will be beneficial to both Parties, and that this Agreement does not affect the rights and obligations of a Party under other international instruments, that she had. If the Contracting Parties wish this Agreement to apply to an Agreement which is not legally binding between them, they shall refer to this Agreement in this Agreement. The Canadian government has established formal science and technology relationships and partnerships with established and emerging innovation networks around the world.

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