Rbc Royal Bank Electronic Access Agreement

Posted on April 11, 2021

You can cancel: you can cancel your access to Digital Banking and the applicable provisions of this Agreement by informing us of our information centre or by calling us at 1-800-769-2511. Mobile Banking refers to certain optimized mobile services, third-party services, software or information accessible on your device, including through our websites and apps. He criticized the five banking agreements on four things: access to alerts: There are four ways to access alerts: (1) in your alert center, (2) in your inbox in apps, (3) on push notifications and (4) by email or SMS. You can change your notification settings in the online bank alert center. Daimsis was also concerned that important information that would describe a customer`s responsibilities – such as the non-line bank with public Wi-Fi – would be less important than the rest of the agreement. The on-screen terms are part of the Terms: In addition to this agreement, the terms of service posted on the Digital Banking or RBC Wallet websites also apply. Some of them can only appear when you click on information icons or links on web pages in Digital Banking or RBC Wallet. You are responsible for accessing and reading all these terms of use. By using or accessing a third-party service or service, you agree that these additional terms of service also apply to your use or access to the corresponding third-party services or services.

Application of this consent: This consent replaces all other conditions and consents for the electronic transmission of information between you and Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Bank Mortgage Corporation, Royal Trust Corporation of Canada, Royal Mutual Funds Inc. (RMFI), RBC Global Asset Management Inc. or The Royal Trust Company (for the purposes of Part 1, we, we or we- Voice Recognition and Messaging Function Use of the voice recognition function or messaging function has the same effect as using your credentials. If you`ve enabled one of these features and your device is unlocking, anyone can use these features to access your account information (including information about your beneficiary) and make payments, all without your password. They are responsible for all information available through the voice recognition function or the messaging and payments function.

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