Nb Teachers Agreement

Posted on December 13, 2020

A joint initiative by both parties is also being considered as part of the agreement, which calls for 17 schools to participate in a research project. “250 teachers will be B contract teachers in schools to help make the classroom,” said Guy Arseneault. “This has been a big topic in our schools in recent years.” “Where teachers can go, it`s the schools that decide,” Gallant said. “This will allow us to have the children who need more support, the support they need.” The provincial government and the New Brunswick Federation of Teachers have ratified a five-year contract that hires 250 teachers in the province. The agreement includes annual salary increases of one per cent, but additional assistance in the form of 250 school teachers to help classroom teachers and work with students is a highlight for the NBTF, which has long raised the challenge of classroom composition. READ MORE: The New Brunswick government, teachers get preliminary agreement Premier Brian Gallant with NBTF co-chairs Guy Arseneault and Marc Arseneau made the announcement Friday afternoon in Fredericton. WATCH: The president of the New Brunswick Teachers` Association says the inclusion policy needs to be reviewed. New staff are placed by the NBTF where necessary. “This time, with additional resources, students have more opportunities to achieve the desired results by focusing on literacy, computational ability, physical education, art and music.” Starting in September 2018, students from kindergarten to the second year will receive an additional lesson per day in the selected schools. The research project will last three years and will be evaluated by independent experts.

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