Grant Agreement Fu Jura

Posted on December 9, 2020

The Themis curriculum consists of three elements: a semester abroad, an internship and a seminar. Students who have successfully completed these elements and studies at the Free University will be awarded the Joint Certificate in International and Business Law. Minimum requirements for participation in the programme by the Central Erasmus Team of the FU Berlin: Curriculum Vitae of Xile Hu (pdf) A Short VERSION of CV (2 pages) . The Themis program is an economic and international certification program of the International Legal Network of Excellence. Many of Themis` networked universities are among the leading universities in their country, particularly in the field of business law. The student service center located in Iltisstrasse 4 – headquarters of the central erasmus team of the image source: Grit Rother. Target group: Students in the law course with the objective of the first legal examination. Features: Joint Certificate in International and Business Law Google Scholar Profile of Xile Hu (bibliometric information by Google) The invitation to submit the completed grant agreement is emailed to future Erasmus or Themis students by the Erasmus Central Team of free University. The management of all administrative issues related to Erasmus mobility assistance is also provided by Erasmus` central team at the Iltisstrasse Student Service Centre.

Themis students at partner European universities outside Switzerland are required to provide the following proof of their participation in the Erasmus programme or to submit them to the Free University of Berlin: IV. Contributions in textbooks, manuscripts and newspaper books, wider conditions for the participation of the Themis network: Completed courses at the University of Hamburg This obligation arises from the acceptance of the study place, whether or not an Erasmus mobility grant is paid. Selected awards:2010 European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant2011 Werner Prize of the Swiss Chemical Society2012 Extraordinary Young Scientist, World Economic Forum2012 Member of the Young Academy of Europe2013 Chemical Society Reviews Emerging Investigator Lectureship, Royal Society of Chemistry2014 Rising Star, International Conference on Coordination Chemistry2014 Organometallics Young Investigator Fellowship, American Chemical Society2014 European Medal for Bio-Inorganic Chemistry (Euro Mebicdal)2014 Felglow , Royal Society of Chemistry (UK)2015 Young Researcher Award, European Federation of Catalysis Societies2015 European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant2016 Bau Family Award in Inorganic Chemistry 2016, 2018 European Research Council (ERC) Proof-of-Concept Grants2017 Organic Letters Outstanding Publication of the Year Lecture Award, ACS2017 Tajima Prize, International Society of Electrochemistry2017, 2018, 2019 Highly Cited (Clarivate Analytics)2017 National Latsis Prize , the Swiss National Science Foundation and the International Latsis Foundation2018 Resonate Award, Caltech2019 Homogeneity Catalysis Award, Royal Society of Chemistry2019 Fellow, European Academy of Sciences2020 International Catalysis Award, International Association of Catalysis Societies2020 Member, Academia Europaea Conditions for obtaining the grant: A learning agreement is requested by the Swiss partner university and provided in form of a form.

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