Dundee And Angus College Regional Outcome Agreement

Posted on December 7, 2020

Scottish Funding Council (Scottish-Gaelic: Comhairle Maoineachaidh na h-Alba; SFC, better known as the Scottish Further and Higher Education Funding Council, is the non-departmental public body responsible for funding Scottish training and higher education institutions, including their 26 colleges and 19 universities. [3] [4] The CFS was established as a non-departmental public body[4], which means that it works in partial autonomy with Scottish ministers and can perform an advisory function. [11] As a general rule, the Council receives an annual letter of guidance from the Minister of Lifelong Learning. These letters set out the priorities and recommendations of Scottish ministers regarding Scottish universities and universities. [12] [13] For students in training, the CFS makes funds available to the college, and the college then distributes the funds to students. Covered courses are generally SCQF 5 (National 5 or Modern Learning) or Level 6 (higher or national). [47] The funds made available by the CFS are used by the colleges to provide scholarships, the education support allowance, and the discretion funds of each college. [49] [50] Dundee and Angus College is a dynamic, innovative and prosperous university, with a clear vision of the future and a strong culture, and a desire to improve life prospects and economic opportunities for the communities we serve. Effective 1 April 2014, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in Scotland has reclassified secondary schools in the public sector. [16] [17] The effect of this change was that the resources held by the college would now be considered the resources of the Scottish Government and that the college`s expenditures would be allocated to its reserves at annual budgetary limits. [18]:(ss. 1.9, 1.12, 2.5) It also meant that a university could only retain the amount of working capital necessary for the operation of the university.

[18]:(s. 2.6.1) Each CFS-funded institution provides funding as part of a results agreement. The agreements define what the institution has to do with the funds and the objectives it must achieve with those funds. [40] If an institution does not have to agree, the CFS may apply for funding from that institution. [41]3 In 2009, the CFS threatened to recover money from Stow College after requesting $988,000 in funding for courses that the Auditor General considered ineligible for Scotland. [42] [43] After reviewing the eligibility of the college`s funding programs, the CFS recovered $2.88 million, which will be paid over seven years beginning in November 2009. [44]:The European College Funding Liaison Group (CEFLG) is responsible for advising the Council on the issues of the European Social Fund (ESF), including advice to universities, monitoring and regulation on ESF grants and European projects, and data collection. [30] Financial management is responsible for the application of CFS credits with respect to results agreements, protection of CFS credits and advice to FE colleges.

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