Curator Agreement

Posted on April 9, 2021

The agreement should look at what might happen if there were to be unfortunate events that could violate the agreement or otherwise effectively prevent the opening of the exhibition. Although both parties should be fully engaged in the project, it is advisable that the museum and the host storyteller discuss, during contract negotiations, how to resolve the termination or infringement by one of the parties. The contract can determine what happens to intellectual property rights if the issue is terminated or if the contract is terminated for another reason. In the event of termination or termination of the contract, the spiritual origin of the exhibition – with the host conator or the museum – is decisive for the future. To fulfill the role of host curator, the host curator accepts the following and will meet all deadlines. (If, due to the circumstances, the Olson Gallery must extend the opening date of the exhibition, including all deadlines will be extended accordingly.) Will the museum provide research support? B for example, a scientific collaborator, or funds for books and photographs, printing or copying fees or other resources? Will the host curator be able to make good use of the library and subscriptions to the museum`s online search database? Will the Port and Mail Museum pay for the research correspondence? Neither party should expect the museum to provide such support unless its obligation is discussed or stipulated in the contract while the contract is being negotiated. The Olson Gallery will take responsibility for coordinating and organizing all educational and public programs that coincide with the exhibition. The guest speaker`s consultation and consultation on the themes and related speakers is as helpful and welcome as the guest speaker`s participation in these programs. g. The organizer`s agreement with the exhibitor stipulates that compliance with copyright law and respect for the reproduction rights of third parties that occur by the exhibitor during the exhibition are the responsibility of the exhibitor, which undertakes to compensate the organizer, to keep him unscathed and to defend against any debt, loss or expense resulting from a copyright or reproduction rights of a third party during the exhibition by the exhibitor and any unauthorized use a reproduction of a work in the exhibition by the exhibitor.

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