Contoh Joint Venture Agreement

Posted on December 6, 2020

Article 9 Non-competitionDSThe parties cannot cooperate with other parties with regard to the opening of another joint venture for the production of the same products or to compete with Indonesia. Article 10The replacement of the parts1. This agreement applies only to the parties and their legitimate successors, but the parties cannot directly or indirectly transfer their rights and obligations under this contract to third parties without the prior written consent of the other party, and such a transfer is not possible at the time of the pt development. This joint venture.2. If the other party has authorized the replacement of one of the parties to this joint enterprise agreement, the replacement must also be approved by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. Puri`s own shares in the joint venture system have reached $97 million and will have to be paid out over the next four years. OBLIGATIONS OF THE TWO PARTY:1) If THE SECOND PARTY does not deposit the agreed capital and agreed in this joint venture agreement.2) Do not carry out the construction of the FIRST PARTY or for the company financed by that capital (operating activities, management and funding).3) Do not report the reports requested by the government, particularly regarding the support and development of small entrepreneurs in their environment.4) No technology transfer (machine transfers). FIRST PARTY OBLIGATIONS:1) If THE FIRST PARTY does not deposit the agreed and agreed capital in this joint venture agreement.2) Where the parties to the joint venture system generally have a predetermined purpose. In general, they clearly indicate this objective in the agreements and agreements they have concluded. In between. ZTE CORP.

AND PT GALIAN TAMBANG. IN THE FRAMEWORK OF LAW NUMBER 1 OF 1967 ON FOREIGN CAPITAL INVESTMENT This joint enterprise agreement was concluded and concluded on March 24, 2006, until an intermediate state: I. ZTE CORP, a company that was duly incorporated and was created in accordance with the laws of Chicago, United States of… 8 things that a joint enterprise agreement should cover.

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