Collective Agreements Bc

Posted on April 8, 2021

133 (1) If, on the request or appeal of an interested person, pursuant to Section 14, this section or any other provision of this code or this regulation or by law, the board is satisfied that a person has violated this code, a collective agreement or the provisions, he may, at his sole discretion, perform one or more of the following steps. (1.1) If a Section 55 application is not made during the Section 55 period, the employer may not increase or reduce the wage rate of a worker in the unit or change another mandate or condition of employment until a collective agreement is concluded, a strike or lockout begins, or any other finding of the Section 55 procedure. (c) to establish that a provision of a collective agreement that is in force and binding on all or one worker must remain effective and binding for these workers for a mandate determined by the House; (b) where the difference can be found, so that it is immediately subject to a certain stage or a particular stage in the appeal procedure under the collective agreement; or, whether the difference is arbitral or not, ask the minister to appoint a special representative. b) Where a collective agreement is in effect for more than three years, a union that claims to have a good majority of workers in a unit suitable for collective bargaining may apply to be certified during the seventh and eighth month of the third year of the contract and, subsequently, during the seventh and eighth months of the collective agreement or a continuation of the unit. 3. The Chamber may designate, in accordance with Section 72, the establishments, productions and services provided, provided or in law by workers of the employer represented by another union that is not involved in a collective dispute with the employer. 135 (1) At the request of a party or movement of its own, the House publishes at any time, in a Supreme Court register, a copy of a decision or order of the House under this code or collective agreement. “person”: a worker, an employer, a employers` organization, a union and a union council, but not a person for whom collective bargaining is governed by the Canadian Labour Code; (2) Despite subsection 1 (c) and except where the union part of the collective agreement obtains certification, the rights and obligations conferred or imposed by the collective agreement on the union side of the collective agreement are extinguished, with respect to that union, and are imposed on the union certified or imposed as a bargaining partner.

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