Agreement For The Establishment Of The Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (Iotc)

Posted on December 2, 2020

The creation by the Commission of a Commission that requires funding from the Commission, a committee, a working group or other subsidiary body is subject to the availability of the necessary resources in the approved autonomous budget of the Commission or FAO. If the costs are borne by FAO, the Director-General will note this availability. Before any decision on the expenditure related to the creation of subsidiary bodies, the Commission has, if necessary, a report from the Secretary or Director General on the administrative and financial implications. measures to reduce the impact of disused, lost or abandoned fishing gear in the ocean (ALDFG), to facilitate the identification and recovery of these gears and to reduce the contribution to marine debris; The Commission may use subcommittees to process one or more of the stocks covered by this agreement. A subcommittee provides a forum for consultation and cooperation on the management of the affected stocks, in particular: the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (CTOI); CTOI) is an intergovernmental organization that coordinates the regulation and management of tuna in the Indian Ocean. Designed in 1993, it was created in 1996. The Commission therefore cooperates with other intergovernmental organisations and institutions, in particular organisations and institutions active in the fishing sector, and takes appropriate measures that could contribute to the work and promotion of the Commission`s objectives, in particular with all intergovernmental organisations or institutions dealing with tuna in the region. The Commission can enter into agreements with these organisations and institutions. These agreements aim to promote complementarity and avoid duplication in the activities of the Commission and these organisations, subject to paragraph 2. If, in the context of a CTOI meeting, it is not possible to reach an agreement, including on the ground, for the Union`s position to take into account new elements, the matter is referred to the Council or its preparatory bodies. The Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (CTOI) is an intergovernmental organization responsible for the management of tuna and tuna species in the Indian Ocean and adjacent seas.

The Commission`s aim is to promote the conservation and optimal use of tuna stocks under the CTOI Convention and to promote sustainable fisheries development. On the proposal of the relevant sub-committee, conservation and management measures are adopted for stocks subject to a sub-committee under Article XII, paragraph 2. As stated in the joint communication of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and the European Commission entitled “International Maritime Policy: A Programme for the Future of the Oceans” and in the Council`s conclusions on this Joint Communication, the promotion of measures to support and improve the effectiveness of regional fisheries organisations (ORPs) and, where appropriate, to improve their governance is essential to the eu`s action. The Union concluded, through Decision 95/399/EC (1), the agreement establishing the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (2) (hereafter referred to as the CTOI agreement) by recognising the usefulness of promoting the peaceful use of the seas and oceans and the fair and effective use and conservation of their living resources.

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